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On your way home from work, the stock market across the ocean hears its opening bell.

Among the developed economies, Japan is one of the first stock exchange market that opens to start off the day. Tokyo Stock Exchange opens at 9 AM in Japan, which would be 5 PM in U.S. Pacific Time or 8 PM in Eastern Time of the previous day.

Trading in the U.S. stock market happens mostly during the daytime when many people are working. The markets in Japan, on the other hand, reaches its peak during the time when people in the U.S. have the most free time after work.

Tokyo Stock is an Amazon Alexa Skill that provides valuable information for investing in Tokyo Stock Exchange, such as real time list of most active stocks in the market.


About Tokyo Stock


Tokyo Stock News on Alexa Devices

Tokyo Stock is an Alexa Skill which allows you to listen to real time price index in Tokyo Stock Exchange from Amazon Echo or any other Alexa devices.


Get Live Market Data on the Move

Keeping up with latest market data on daily basis is important for making wise investment decisions. Tokyo Stock allows you to get almost real time market information even when your hands and eyes are occupied, e.g. on your way back driving home from work.


Know the Most Active Stocks in Japan

With Tokyo Stock, you can listen to a list of stocks which are most active in terms of changes in stock price and turnover. Wide changes in prices and turnover indicates that these stocks are timely for investment.